About Us

RBS Auto Sales is owned and operated by Glenn Elliott. You may know his name; he also owns and operates Roy’s Body Shop. Sister companies right next door to each other. He takes pride providing customers with the best products and services available at the lowest price possible. When you are making a big purchase you don’t want to settle for less, and here you don’t have to. Glenn won’t settle for anything other than the best product available, that’s one of the reasons he became a PJ, H&H, CAM Superline, BRI-MAR and B-Wise dealer. When you buy any of these brands, you quickly see they are built to last, and are built with you in mind. Professional grade open trailers made with premium materials at a reasonable cost, what more could you ask for? The selections of used vehicles on the lot are thoroughly inspected and quality controlled before they ever see a potential buyer. Whether you are buying, selling, or just have a few questions Glenn and his team are here to help!